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Facebook Messenger Not Working
10 months ago

How To Fix Facebook Messenger Not Working on iPhone:
Give Your iPhone a Restart
One of the easiest troubleshooting steps for fixing your app is to turn off your iPhone. When you turn it off and turn it back on, it helps to reset the software in a way so it can fix minor problems and bugs that might be one of the problems causing the Messenger app to stop working.

If you aren't sure how to restart your iPhone, all you have to do is hold down the power button (or the Sleep/Wake button). When you hold the button down, a "slide to power off" display appears on your screen. By using your finger, slide the small button on the screen from left to right, and your iPhone will turn off. Once it is completely off, you simply hold down the Sleep/Wake button once again until the small Apple logo appears in the middle of the iPhone screen.

Close the Messenger Application
Just like restarting your iPhone, restarting the app can be beneficial to solving those software problems. The Messenger app might need a fresh start, especially if the app has crashed recently.

If you are going to close out the app, you should double-press the Home button on your iPhone. When you do this, the app switching display will show up on your iPhone. All you have to do next is swipe the Messenger app up until it disappears from the screen. The way you can tell if the app is closed is when it no longer shows up on the screen in the app switcher display.

Check for Updates for the App
Often, application developers will release new and improved updates to their apps to help patch any holes in the software. Glitches and bugs can cause your apps to stop working, but this could be solved by downloading the newest version of the app that fixes these glitches.

If you want to check for an update for your Messenger app, all you have to do is open the App store, tap the button labeled "updates," and search through the page until you find the update you need. You can update each app individually or update them all at the same time. If you want to update them individually, simply click the "Update" button beside the app you wish to update. If you want to update them all at the same time, click the "Update All" button at the top of the screen.

Check for Outages with the App
Servers, for both networks and applications, often must be changed to adhere to the growing number of users. In this case, the server will go down for maintenance, and you will be unable to use the app for a small amount of time until the work is done. You should always check for maintenance and outages with the app or service if nothing else seems to work.

Delete the Messenger App and Reinstall

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There are times when the files in each application can be corrupted. This corruption will cause the apps to malfunction on a regular basis, and since it is extremely difficult to find the corrupted files, it is easier to do a simple task. By deleting the app from your iPhone and reinstalling it, you can get a new app, so to speak. Your account will not be deleted, but you might have to reenter your login username and password.

If you choose to delete the Messenger app, you must press down on the app, hold it down, and wait for the apps to start shaking like they are cold. An X will appear in the corner of each app that can be deleted. To delete the app, press the X above the Messenger app and hit delete with the alert pops up on your screen.

When you get ready to reinstall the Messenger app, you simply go to the app store, type the app name in the Search bar, and tap the little cloud on the side to reinstall the app onto your phone.


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